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Active Shooter Survival Training

Active Shooter attacks are an unfortunate tragedy, and a reality of life. These attacks are dramatically on the rise in the United States. Are you and your personnel prepared? We can come to any location and provide this training to equip your employees or staff with the knowledge and confidence they need to respond to an attack. We provide 8 and 16 Hour Courses, as well as 1 and 2 Week Consultations.

"Who, Where, When, How and Why?"

These are the questions that need to be answered by any organization to be properly and adequately prepared. Having the knowledge and planning in place ahead of time may save countless lives. Developmental training based on this premise is critical to survival. Training includes the following and more:

Active Shooter Training Programs
We provide training and emergency planning to anyone, anywhere. Our training programs are customized to suit the needs of the client, which may vary greatly depending on site specifications.
What makes our training unique?
MiCAH Safety Solutions has developed one of the best training programs for Active Shooter in the United States, and our trainers are experienced, knowledgeable and qualified. This is NOT your normal Run, Hide, Fight training. We perform site assessments, determine vulnerabilities and needs, prepare an emergency action plan annex based on our findings, implement it into the training module, and provide the training as determined by our clients. Regardless of the location and personnel, we place a strong focus on Recognizing Warning Signs and Prevention, and discuss the rights of people to defend themselves if they must. Below are descriptions of site specific programs:

Workplace Training

People at a Vigil

Historically, workplace attacks have been a primary target, often due to disgruntled employees or former employees. A vital aspect of this training is recognizing and acting on disturbing behavior from fellow employees.

  • Construction
  • General Industry
  • Plant Facilities
  • Office Facilities

Places of Worship and Religious Institutions

People at a Church

Sadly, these attacks have increased significantly over the past 10 years due to hate, racism, terrorism and domestic disputes. This specific program is designed to consider the sensitive nature of religious activities such as worship, protecting children, and strong spiritual content is interwoven into the fabric of the training.

  • Churches
  • Christian Schools and Universities

Public School Systems

Teens at School

Attacks on our schools are also on the rise and are often victims to students themselves. Our program for school systems considers and respects the desired models of the institutions in such matters as Lockdown and the lack of armed personnel on site.

  • Schools
  • Vocational Institutions
  • Colleges and Universities

Government Bodies

Protest in Front of a Government Building

Yes, even our government is no exception. The same basic process as with school systems applies and complex matters such as continual public access are addressed.

  • Federal, State and Local
  • Municipalities
  • Military Facilities


Our training consists of a high impact presentation, and student interaction. All student interaction is performed in a careful manner to ensure their safety.

  • Understanding the Danger
  • Accepting the Reality
  • Identifying Risks
  • Law Enforcement Interaction
  • How to Prepare
  • Site Specific Planning
  • Responding to an Attack
  • Dealing with the Aftermath
  • Reviewing Scenarios
  • Response Drills

We offer this training anywhere in the United States or Canada. Contact us today for more on our Active Shooter Survival Training and more.

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