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Safety Plans and Programs — It’s What We Do

MiCAH Safety Solutions has numerous years of experience creating, preparing and improving Safety Plans and Programs in a variety of applications for several companies throughout the Construction Industry. We leave no stone unturned in determining the needs of our customers, and we offer a unique experience in both the development and process of these safety system implementations.

What makes our plans and programs unique? It’s not only the exhaustive effort of our team to be precise and absolute, but it is also the added personal touch of people who truly care about what we do, and how it affects you and your employees. Our motto is- “We Care About Companies, We Care About Workers, We Care About People” ™, and we mean what we say. It’s not only about business- It Is About People; men and women going home to their families, safe and healthy every day.

Many of our safety plans and programs are innovative, using high impact visual imagery that brings the content to life for the viewers. They will see, feel, think, and learn like they never have before.

Enhancing Human Performance on the Job

We believe that human performance is one of the most important functions in workplace safety. Nearly all incidents and injuries are Preventable. They occur because of workers making mistakes, not following procedures, rules, or guidelines, or simply due to taking short-cuts. More often than not, there is a breakdown in Focus, Thinking, Decision Making, or Communication. It is a proven and undeniable reality, and a very serious concern. Just one breakdown can be Fatal.

The WATT Program™

MiCAH Safety Solutions has developed a Program to assist companies and their employees to combat and overcome these obstacles called WATT (Worker Assistance Training Tools) ™. The WATT Program consists of a set of streamlined but very effective human performance tools for managers, supervisors, and employees to learn and use on a daily basis through a variety of applications. These tools are simple to learn. Once WATT becomes normal to the users, it will enable them to consistently and adequately identify hazards and maintain preventative measures, keeping themselves and their co-workers safe from harm. This is achieved through enhancing their skills, increasing awareness, and improving their capabilities by engaging and challenging their mental process. These tools are designed to work individually and together in unison to accomplish the greatest possible results. Let’s take a look at the WATT program tools:
WATT (Worker Assistance Training Tools) ™

1.  STOP- If anything is not going as planned, if you are uncertain, if conditions, work scope, or procedures change- STOP “immediately”, and contact your supervisor to review and discuss the concerns.
2.  Examine & Challenge-  Examine the steps, hazards, and precautions associated with the work, and if you are not completely confident in a safe outcome, Challenge it- and apply the STOP Tool.
3.  Authenticate- Be sure, “for yourself”, that the information you receive is completely accurate. Carefully Examine the information and its source, and if you are not 100% satisfied- STOP and Challenge.
4.  Confirmation Communication- Ensure that everyone understands the critical steps in what is about to happen by taking a few minutes to Communicate, and Confirm it. Every worker must verbally acknowledge that they understand the instructions. This tool should be applied where miscommunication can result in failure.
5.  My Brother’s Keeper-  Looking out for each other, and intervening on each other’s behalf. If you see a co-worker in an unsafe position, doing something (or about to do something) unsafe, STOP them, and respectfully explain your concerns for their safety.
6.  The Big 5- 5 Good Questions for every worker, to ask every day, on every job; 1) What am I doing, 2) How am I doing it, 3) What could go wrong, 4) What am I doing about it, and 5) Am I doing it?
7.  All-4-1- Plan, Think, Communicate and Concentrate- “all for one” expected outcome; you and others go home to your families safe and healthy every day.

Customized Safety Programs

We can build or customize a Safety Program for you, or evaluate your current program and help you improve it. We also offer our own advanced programs to assist you in Injury Prevention. Our unique safety programs are based on numerous years of experience in construction and industrial safety. What makes them unique? We focus on a well-balanced formula, consisting of a strategic combination of successful industry practices. How many times do you hear from industry and the safety profession- it is Behavior Based Safety, no it’s Compliance, Process, Enforcement, Coaching, and on and on and on…? We have learned to not focus on one primary area exclusively, but to evenly distribute attention to all of them.

So, is that all? Certainly not. We have learned how to take the best of all of these critical areas of workplace safety, and apply them in various ways to receive the maximum benefit of each of them, individually and collectively. In addition, we incorporate some innovative programs and processes to provide one of the most effective safety systems available today. Our seasoned professionals can help you take your Safety Program to the next level. Nothing is more important to us than worker safety (the health and safety of Human Beings), absolutely nothing. We believe in that, and we apply to everything we do. Our company moto is- “We Care About Companies, We Care About Workers, We Care About People”. They are more than just words to us, and we would love to share our vision and culture with you.    

But what about the cost? It is a fair question and a genuine concern, especially during these times of so many struggling companies, and simply due to the efforts of successful companies to be wise stewards in managing costs and maintaining stable profit margins. MiCAH Safety Solutions provides all products and services at the least possible cost to our clientele. Why do we do that? Because we understand, and we want to help. We realize that it sounds too good to be true, and a lot of people say that—but it’s all talk. It’s not for us. We back up what we say, and we prove it to our customers by providing a detailed summary of our costs to you. You know where you are spending your hard-earned money, and understand precisely what the value is to your operation.

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Monthly Tracking and Trending Program

Safety Violations lead to Risks, and Risks lead to Injuries. Use our innovative Tracking and Trending Program to identify risks and areas that need improvement, helping employees to reduce injuries.

Safety Manuals

Is your current safety manual OSHA compliant? Do you have one collecting dust from days gone by? Are you a new company or business, and have no idea where to even begin? Is it really that important? OSHA says it is, and the reason for that is because a complete, professionally prepared safety manual is the cornerstone of every safety program’s foundation.

If your company doesn't have the available resources, knowledge or time to prepare or maintain an OSHA compliant safety manual, MiCAH Safety Solutions can help. Due to the extreme importance of safety manuals we do not provide “off the shelf” manuals to employers. Our manuals are customized for your company and your employees, based on the specific needs that you have for your day to day operations. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that you have what you need, and do not have—what you do not need.

Inexperienced Worker Program

Let us help you prepare your employees for their job functions and keep them safe. Our proven program will help you monitor and teach apprentices and other inexperienced workers. MiCAH Safety Solutions, LLC also offers targeted safety training for supervisors.

Job Hazard Analysis Program

Prior to any large project or job that requires significant steps and safety measures to complete the work, a hazard analysis should always be performed. This is a critical part of the planning stage, and equips supervisors and employees with the necessary knowledge to work without injury or incident. An adequate Job Hazard Analysis includes planning the steps of the work that will be performed from beginning to end, the potential hazards that could or will be encountered, and the preventative measures that must be implemented. Once this has been established and prepared in a document form, it can then be used to review the process with supervisors and employees, providing them with valuable information and confidence to get the job done safely.

The challenge is that JHAs can be very involved, complicated and time consuming. The staff at MiCAH Safety Solutions has years of experience in developing these documents, and we can assist you with bearing this burden.

Our JHAs are of the highest quality in appearance, and most importantly in content. We leave no stone unturned in the steps, hazards, and precautions for the tasks that will be performed. Our JHAs are user friendly, and are available to edit if or when it is needed. We can customize them with your company Logo and information at no additional fee. Pricing varies depending on the needs, but our pricing is very affordable. If you would like to know more, Contact Us, we would be glad to speak with you and help you in any way that we can.

Job Safety Analysis Program

Let us teach your workers and supervisors how to get the most out of the important job safety analysis process. This analysis establishes the job steps, hazards, and precautions of each task for your workers. To say- The most important document and process in workplace safety, on a daily basis, is the Job Safety Analysis (JSA). It determines how the work will be done, what the steps of each task are, what the hazards are, and what precautions need to be taken to prevent workers from being injured. It is more than just a piece of paper to be “pencil whipped” over a cup of coffee in the morning. It is the cornerstone of the foundation of daily safety for workers. It should engage and ignite their thinking and attitude towards keeping themselves and their co-workers safe. Simply put- “Plan the Work and Work the Plan”. Before the physical aspect of safety can be successful, the mental aspect must be successful. “Think Before You Act”. It is well understood, that this is where safety begins, the only question for many is- What is the Best Way to do it?

MiCAH Safety Solutions can help your supervisors and workers get the maximum benefit out of this valuable time, by applying the proven methods in our program to your company’s program and operations. Our JSA Program SAVES LIVES.

Customizable Safety Programs

Environmental Plans

Company Environmental Plans

Site Specific Plans

Environmental Compliance Training

  • Clean Air Act
  • Protected Waterways
  • RCRA
  • Hazardous Waste Management
Hazardous Waste Operations and Spill Response Plan

Emergency Action Plans

  • Emergency Preparedness Plans
  • Severe Weather Action Plans
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Hurricanes/Storms/Flooding
  • Disaster Response Plans
  • Evacuation Plans

Let MiCAH Safety Solutions, LLC customize your safety program for you. These programs are available online via PowerPoint presentation or by live demonstration and training. We can develop your OSHA-compliant program, customize it to suit your needs. We also offer job safety analysis forms and other downloadable safety documents. Pricing starts at $4.99. with this - You Are Our #1 Priority! MiCAH Safety Solutions is dedicated to supporting and satisfying our client’s needs. We provide World-Class advisory assistance, and a professional experience that is paramount in Workplace Safety. We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with you.

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