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Online Safety Training

MiCAH Safety Solutions offers a unique onsite safety training experience using aggressive content and visual imagery to have the highest possibleimpact on employees. We can also customize training presentations to suit your needs or create them specifically for your company exclusively. 

If you do not have the resources, or just desire to have Third Party Safety Training, we can provide that as well. The Trainers at MiCAH Safety Solutions are some of the best in the business. We have extensive knowledge of the Construction Industry, Workplace Safety, and the OSHA Construction Standard. Our trainers are certified professionals with thousands of hours of classroom and work site safety training experience.

We provide OSHA 10 Hour, OSHA 30 Hour, Supervisory Training (see Safety Culture and Leadership), and Specialty Training that targets Injury Prevention for the most common injuries in the Construction Industry.

We also develop Customized Safety Training for employers who have special needs for certain tasks, equipment, procedures, or processes.

Onsite Safety Training Will Protect Your Employees

Knowledge empowers, and practice builds confidence. At MiCAH Safety Solutions, we are committed to helping organizations give their employees the tools and resources they need to succeed in the workplace. Our immersive onsite safety training courses ensure your workforce has the skills to address the full spectrum of safety concerns.

Count on our seasoned employee training company to help your organization meet its safety goals. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have developed a variety of programs that are both engaging and educational. On top of that, our services are highly customizable. We will learn about your business, identify your needs, and work hard to deliver meaningful training with concrete results.

Authorized OSHA Training for an Ever-Changing Environment

With our OSHA training programs, it is even easier for your organization to remain compliant with state and federal laws. Our team designs and delivers instructional courses that reflect the latest OSHA mandates and guidelines.

From OSHA construction training to supervisory and specialty fields, we cover the wide range of regulations. Best of all, our programs will incorporate the subject areas and practice that is most relevant to your business. With our courses, your employees will have the knowledge and skill to perform their jobs safely and effectively. Our courses save time--and lives.

Contact us  to request a consultation for our onsite safety training courses. We proudly serve clients throughout the United States.