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On-Site Services 

MiCAH Safety Solutions offers a variety of services to assist companies with improving their safety programs and work sites. We can help your company with OSHA compliance matters, safety training, and even investigative services. We also provide employee and family counseling for the most difficult of situations. If you are interested in learning more about our services Contact Us for a Free Initial Consultation and/or a Free Quote.

Let’s take a look at these services:

• On- Site Safety Audits • On- Site Safety Training • Injury & Incident Investigations • Employee/Family Counseling

On-Site Safety Audit Services

• Thorough Safety Audits
• Meeting OSHA Compliance
• Using I-Auditor Technology
• Working With Management
• Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Visits
• Monthly Service Packages

Basic Monthly Service Packages

  • Weekly, Monthly, or Bi-Weekly Packages Available
  • Each Visit Includes an On-Site Safety Audit
  • Performed with I-Auditor Technology
  • Receive a Full Customized Report Specific to Your Osha Compliance Needs
  • Which Includes Photographs, Employee Interaction Findings, and Corrective Actions
  • Pricing Starts at $150.00 per Month

Premium Monthly Service Packages

  • Weekly, Monthly, or Bi-Weekly Packages Available
  • Each Visit Includes an On-Site Safety Audit
  • Performed with I-Auditor Technology
  • Receive a Full Customized Report Specific to Your Osha Compliance Needs

Safety Auditor

  • Which Includes Photographs, Employee Interaction Findings, and Corrective Actions
  • In Addition, You Will Receive Our Custom Weekly Safety Meetings Delivered to You
  • And a 15% Discount on Our Other Products and Services
  • Pricing Starts at $200.00 per Month

Preferred Customer Packages

  • Includes Everything in the Premium Package
  • Also, Our Monthly Tracking and Trending Program
  • Free Access to Inspection and Permit Forms
  • Monthly Consultation (Consists of One Initial 4-Hour Internal Audit of Your Safety Program to Determine Osha Compliance Needs, and 4 Hours Each Month Thereafter in Whatever Capacity That You Need Such As; Internal Audits, Workplace Audits, Employee Safety Training (Including Management and Supervision), Document Preparation, Presentation Building, or Safety Advisement
  • Pricing Starts at $500.00 per Month

Safety Consultations

A Safety Consultation consists of a full OSHA Compliance Audit of your company’s safety program. We will perform this service to determine any areas of needed improvement based on standard OSHA inspections. We offer three different packages:

  • One-Day Audit
One 8-Hour Period $700.00
  • Two-Day Audit
Two 8-Hour Periods $1,200.00
  • Full-Week Audit
Five 8-Hour Periods $3000.00

Consultation performed with I-Auditor.
*Prices vary for areas outside of the Tri-State area (WV, KY, OH).

Are You OSHA Ready?

OSHA fines for contractors in WV, KY, and OH:

  • Wv Roofing Contractor Fined $109,000 for Fall Protection Violations
  • Wv Saw Mill Fined $214,000 During Follow up Inspection
  • Ky Masonry Contractor Fined $412,000 for Scaffold Citations
  • Ky Contractor Fined $42,000 for Unsafe Trench Conditions
  • Oh Steel Plant Fined $610,000 for Machine Hazards and Silica
  • Oh Dry Wall Company Fined $60,000 for Silica Exposure and More

On-Site Safety Training

The Trainers at MiCAH Safety Solutions are some of the best in the business. We have extensive knowledge of the Construction Industry, Workplace Safety, and the OSHA Construction Standard. Our trainers are certified professionals with thousands of hours of classroom and work site safety training experience. We provide OSHA 10 Hour, OSHA 30 Hour, Supervisory Training (see Safety Culture and Leadership), and Specialty Training that targets Injury Prevention for the most common injuries in the Construction Industry. We also develop Customized Safety Training for employers who have special needs for certain tasks, equipment, procedures, or processes. For more information on safety training visit our Training Page.

Safety Trainings

Injury & Incident Investigations

Injuries, Incidents, and even Fatalities are an unfortunate reality in the workplace. When they do occur, it is the worst of times for both employers and employees. Certain circumstances can make investigating these events problematic, and difficult to achieve desired results. Our trained investigative personnel understand how to handle these situations, and the employees involved in them. We know what questions to ask, what evidence and signs to look for, and how to put all of the pieces together. Our investigations are thorough, professional, discreet, and 100% confidential to our client. Once we have completed our investigation, you will receive a full report including a step-by-step analysis of the event, photographs and/or video recordings, diagrams (if necessary), employee statements (for those involved), witness statements and supervisor statements. We also offer the option of preparing a power point presentation, recreating the event, which can be used by management in whatever manner they chose.

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Employee & Family Counseling

If the unthinkable occurs, such as a fatality, we can help. MiCAH Safety Solutions provides bereavement counseling services to companies that have experienced traumatic or tragic events. We can help managers, supervisors, employees and even family members to cope with the aftermath of a terrible tragedy. Most companies are not prepared or equipped to manage these types of situations. Our trained, experienced professionals can assist and communicate with hurting people in a unique manner to begin the process of healing and moving forward.

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Culture and Leadership

Workers in Hardhats

Safety Culture and Leadership

Our management program and training will take your company's safety program to the next level. We train managers and supervisors to lead their workers in safety. Our program centers around innovative techniques and the implementation of performance-based safety skills.

Management and Supervisory Training Programs

  • Battling Complacency
  • Inexperienced Workers
  • Job Safety Analysis for Supervisors
  • Leadership Training
  • OSHA Audit Preparation
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Recordkeeping
  • Safety Culture
  • Safety Program Management

Drug Awareness for Managers and Supervisors

  • Management & Supervision
  • Facts & Dangers
  • Understanding Drugs & Alcohol
  • Drug-Free Workplace Programs
  • Supervisors' Responsibilities
  • Handling Crisis Situations
  • Recognizing Problems, & Intervention
  • Drug Testing
  • Protecting Confidentiality
  • Enabling & Supervisor Traps
  • Falsifying Drug Tests